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SpearPoint Engineering, Inc.  was formed in 2018 to provide technical expertise that yields new capabilities/tools for our customers and their technically and operationally demanding missions.  Our experienced team, with over 50 years of combined service, has a proven track record of success taking on and solving the perceived “impossible” for our customers.  In fact, our team is usually the “Go To” person on most projects and assignments, often providing Subject Matter Expertise (SME) and customer influence in their work.

As our name suggests, we focus our work at the “pointy end” of the spear with all types of low-level embedded, hardware, and software expertise as well as the associated network engineering that makes the “pointy end” possible.

The work is challenging and complex, but there’s no reason the way we run the company has to be.  We run the company using the” Keep It Simple Structure” (KISS) methodology allowing us to focus our time and energy on the customer mission and our employees. 

We provide excellent pay and top-notch benefits package (medical insurance, dental insurance, generous 401K match of employee contribution, and time off plus more…).  We will continue to evolve and add to the standard employee benefits as we grow.

Motherboard Installation
Computer Circuit Board Macro
Fixing a Computer
Dish Antenna
Computer Chip
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